to celebrate me being done with finals i have ordered myself delicious pizza. mmm delicious


So we’re getting a effects pack 2! Noice! And Super-X 3. FINALLY. 

And.. gold.. fire breath? STILL SUPER COOL. 

i have a godzilla like this!! he doesn’t have all the fancy stuff, all he has is the cool yellow breath with the bendy stand… but he’s still really rad!!!


ladytrupp I took some t3s for pain. This is really bizarre. I’m going to work anyway

dude i dont know if your head feels like a balloon and youre in pain you maybe shouldnt

The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control… and not the other way around.


I can’t be the only one that cried at the end of the lemonhope episodes of AT

naw man the ending of that episode really resonated with me

i watched the whole episode again a couple days later and sometimes i just skip to the ending because it gives me feelings

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Mega Manectric by request.



Mega Manectric by request.


ok I need opinions 

Designing business cards for myself.  This is the back, (all the info is on the front) but I can’t decide which one is best to sum up me and my work.  I’m leaning towards the first and last, but I would like opinions?

sorry i tried to submit just an answer but it was 2 long

anyways, i think the 1st one because it looks more professional (i would crop it differently, but thats just me!!), but also most of your work that ive seen is the cartoony style in the 4th one. but that could just be me not looking at your stuff enough :T i also really like the 3rd one, but it seems a little busy. sooo i would pick the 1st one!! thats my opinion.

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